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Our Solutions Address your Challenges throughout the MRO Lifecycle

The complexity of your MRO inventory makes it difficult to govern. Simplify your decisions through actionable, fact-based insights. Our services are all designed to address the considerations throughout the MRO Lifecycle.

MRO Lifecycle

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The ISO 55000: Standards for Asset Management sets the expectation that all assets will be managed throughout all phases of their lifecycle: planning/acquisition, commissioning, operating/maintaining and disposal/renewal.

As with the asset management lifecycle, the same cycle applies to parts – items are created, attributes changed and ultimately removed from the catalogue. These transitions represent an Item Lifecycle.

Across a parts’ lifecycle, numerous challenges present themselves in the support of operations. Challenges like these:

  • 80% of Bill of Materials contain inaccurate information
  • 97% of Lead Times are incorrect
  • Up to 25% of Maintenance’s time is spent looking for parts
  • Up to 50% of open Work Orders are a result of
    missing parts

With an optimized system supporting the asset and parts lifecycle, the following organizational benefits can be realized:

Improved asset performance: Puts the organization on a direct path to improving return on asset (ROA)

Informed decision making: A maturing system promotes the flow of information and enables better decision making to effectively balance costs, risks, opportunities, and performance across the Supply Chain while meeting targeted business objectives.

Simplified risk management: An integrated platform simplifies the way risk, opportunities and liabilities are managed across the functional areas supporting the overall business.

Performance improvement delivered across two distinct service models.

Continuous improvement requires a steady use of skilled resources, time and a level of rigor that ensures operational success is attained. Xtivty offers flexible Managed and Professional services that are designed support each phase of the MRO Lifecycle while augmenting a client’s in-house resources with added skills and proven experience.

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Professional Services

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Managed Services

We understand that organizational roles require the focus they are uniquely positioned to fill. Utilizing our proprietary SaaS technology, our team of seasoned MRO professionals can efficiently process, interrogate and analyze vast amounts of transactional data on a ongoing basis.

Designed to help streamline ongoing decisions, our managed services will improve operational performance through fact-based, actionable insights.

Some performance improvement projects require specific skills, tools and methods to get the project done right and within the stated time-frame.

Something while supporting a one-off project, a comprehensive approach is required. The scope can extend from planning and strategy through to design, implementation, adoption, training and can even involve future ongoing support.

Xtivity professional services will provide the right solution for a function or a targeted problem.

Our Solutions

Each stage of the MRO Inventory Lifecycle requires special considerations to help ensure your assets, and those parts supporting operations, perform at the optimal level. Our solutions are reliability centered, connecting MRO decisions to equipment performance. With over a dozen distinct services and solutions, we deliver results and a peace of mind that our clients MRO Supply Chain challenges will be successfully addressed.

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Professional Services

Our MRO Health Check is a cost-effective way to establish the strength of your supporting supply chain, identifying priority areas for improvement and the associated value.

Identification of required spare parts is always part of the process, but is typically the last step when both time and budget are in scarce supply.

The quality of the insights, decision and actions taken are only as good as the data that drives them.
Across disparate systems, the complexity is amplified.

Every component criticality is widely understood and is considered a necessary part of managing a group of assets/components when there is not an abundant supply of resources.

Obsolescence is a fact of life. As soon as a part is put into inventory, some degree of obsolescence risk is accepted – but this does not mean the risk should be unmanaged.

Strategic Sourcing/Category Management is an approach that best-in-class organizations leverage to buy more effectively and reduce unit costs.

A bill of materials (BOM) is a list of items used to perform maintenance activities. An Asset or Equipment BOM outlines the material associated with that particular asset or set of similar assets.

Managed Services

A well-designed inventory optimization program should be focused on improving inventory mix, ensuring you have what you need to support ongoing operations.

There is a lifecycle to all equipment and assets; they are commissioned, operated and taken out of service.

Performing steps consistently is important, but what if they are consistently wrong? How would you know without reporting?

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We proudly offer solutions across a diverse asset-intensive industry base. Our clients love our focused attention on reducing their operating costs while improving asset availability.

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