Partnering with key industry players

Réseau de partenaires

Xtivity maintains a network of global partners, with expertise to augment and complement our own; and expand our ability to deliver and service clients in multiple geographies and markets.

Endimo Analytics

Endimo Analytics is a consulting company specializing in Maintenance, Repair and Operations (MRO) materials management. Their main objective is to assist clients in asset-intensive industries to minimize costs and maximize service levels by transforming business processes, designing comprehensive solutions and sharing their knowledge.

With a deep history in mining and heavy industry, plus strong experience across the parts supply chain, Endimo is Xtivity’s partner in South America.


Vueterra is a specialist in business and supply chain optimisation with a focus on mining, manufacturing and government industries. Their work is proven to deliver higher service levels and lower costs for supply and inventory managers through solid data governance, procurement best-practice and comprehensive continuous improvement programs.

As Xtivity’s partner in Australasia, Vueterra focuses on delivering immediate results and building long term sustainability for our clients.

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