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About Our Technology

Asset Intensive Manufacturing Companies face mounting pressures to operate safely, reliably and profitably in an ever-changing landscape.

Compounding the situation is the missing linkage across Inventory Management,  aintenance & Reliability, Procurement and Finance.

These disconnects typically result in the following outcomes:

  • Excess and/or Obsolete Inventory
  • Low Part availability
  • Unplanned Downtime
  • Poor Maintenance Schedule Adherence
  • Heavy Reliance on Direct Charge Purchases
  • Expedited Freight & “Hot Shots”

How We Help

Introducing the Pulse, a SaaS, hosted inventory optimization software solution that leverages transactional data, combines it with analytics to provide you with improved tocking recommendations and functional reporting across your MRO Value Chain.

Domain Expertise.

Xtivity augments the Pulse with a Managed
Service offering, delivered by a team of inventory and Supply Chain Management experts. Offering strong domain experience in multiple industries.

We help clients improve performance, ensure reliability and improve cash flow.

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Typical Impact (Year 1)

  • 10-15% Moving Inventory Reduction Value
  • 30-50% Free Cash Flow Improvement
  • 10-20% Reduction in Carrying Costs
  • 3-5% Increase in Part Availability

as % of moving inventory reduction

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