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Cloud-based MRO Inventory Management

Pulse is Xtivity’s proven, cloud-based software to drive informed decision making in the MRO Supply Chain and is at the core of our MRO Solutions

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What It Does

Pulse delivers optimized parts ordering recommendations including Min/Max reorder quantities and lead time calculations. But it does so much more!

Pulse provides detailed decision support information for your replenishment process – driving redistribution planning decisions, tracking multi-site transfers, visualizing connection of parts to assets and work orders, and exposing key data, trends and insights. Helping you make MRO decisions that matter.

You have thousands of parts to manage, so having the right software tools to prioritize and streamline your work, is critical. Pulse provides a host of productivity enablers – from filters and work queues, to drilldowns, to batch approvals. It helps guide your way and focus on the items with biggest impact to your operation.

Productivity Tools


The success of any solution hinges on its ability to deliver insights and data that help you identify exceptions, quickly enabling smarter decisions. Pulse delivers – with a set of standard reports, built-in business intelligence dashboards, and a user-powered report builder. Pulse helps visualize all the data you need.

Based on prescriptive analytics and business rules, Pulse is a cloud-based and hosted solution. Our proven analytics engine leverages multiple advanced techniques to generate optimized results you can rely on. The powerful rules engine enables us to configure our models to reflect your operating context. Pulse is hosted on Microsoft Azure for advanced security, on demand scalability, and up to date compliance support.

What’s Behind It

Leveraging Data

The primary data driving MRO inventory lives in your ERP or EAM system. Whether you use SAP, IBM Maximo, JDE, MS Dynamics, or other systems, Pulse leverages that transactional data, and more, to deliver optimized parts management and expose valuable insights.

Managed Service

To augment the power of Pulse, Xtivity adds our insightful Managed Service. Delivered by Xtivity’s team of MRO experts, we assist you through your solution adoption, as you learn and grow. Whether that involves assisting with data pre-processing needs; helping you analyze and prioritize work management activities; exposing trends and insights; or jointly tracking toward program performance targets – Xtivity is your Partner In Success.

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Optimized parts replenishment. Better MRO supply chain.