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Our Solutions Address your Challenges throughout the MRO Lifecycle

The complexity of your MRO inventory makes it difficult to govern. Simplify your decisions through actionable, fact-based insights. Our services are all designed to address the considerations throughout the MRO Lifecycle.

MRO Lifecycle

The ISO 55000: Standards for Asset Management sets the expectation that all assets will be managed throughout all phases of their lifecycle: planning/acquisition, commissioning, operating/maintaining and disposal/renewal.

As with the asset management lifecycle, the same cycle applies to parts – items are created, attributes changed and ultimately removed from the catalogue. These transitions represent an Item Lifecycle.

Across a parts’ lifecycle, numerous challenges present themselves in the support of operations. Challenges like these:

  • 80% of Bill of Materials contain inaccurate information
  • 97% of Lead Times are incorrect
  • Up to 25% of Maintenance’s time is spent looking for parts
  • Up to 50% of open Work Orders are a result of
    missing parts

With an optimized system supporting the asset and parts lifecycle, the following organizational benefits can be realized:

Improved asset performance: Puts the organization on a direct path to improving return on asset (ROA)

Informed decision making: A maturing system promotes the flow of information and enables better decision making to effectively balance costs, risks, opportunities, and performance across the Supply Chain while meeting targeted business objectives.

Simplified risk management: An integrated platform simplifies the way risk, opportunities and liabilities are managed across the functional areas supporting the overall business.

Performance improvement delivered across two distinct service models.

Continuous improvement requires a steady use of skilled resources, time and a level of rigor that ensures operational success is attained. Xtivty offers flexible Managed and Professional services that are designed support each phase of the MRO Lifecycle while augmenting a client’s in-house resources with added skills and proven experience.

Professional Services

Some performance improvement projects require specific skills, tools and methods to get the project done right and within the stated time-frame.

Something while supporting a one-off project, a comprehensive approach is required. The scope can extend from planning and strategy through to design, implementation, adoption, training and can even involve future ongoing support.

Xtivity professional services will provide the right solution for a function or a targeted problem.

Managed Services

We understand that organizational roles require the focus they are uniquely positioned to fill. Utilizing our proprietary SaaS technology, our team of seasoned MRO professionals can efficiently process, interrogate and analyze vast amounts of transactional data on a ongoing basis.

Designed to help streamline ongoing decisions, our managed services will improve operational performance through fact-based, actionable insights.

Our Solutions

Each stage of the MRO Inventory Lifecycle requires special considerations to help ensure your assets, and those parts supporting operations, perform at the optimal level. Our solutions are reliability centered, connecting MRO decisions to equipment performance. With over a dozen distinct services and solutions, we deliver results and a peace of mind that our clients MRO Supply Chain challenges will be successfully addressed.

Professional Services

Our MRO Health Check is a cost-effective way to establish the strength of your supporting supply chain, identifying priority areas for improvement and the associated value.

Identification of required spare parts is always part of the process, but is typically the last step when both time and budget are in scarce supply.

The quality of the insights, decision and actions taken are only as good as the data that drives them.
Across disparate systems, the complexity is amplified.

Every component criticality is widely understood and is considered a necessary part of managing a group of assets/components when there is not an abundant supply of resources.

Obsolescence is a fact of life. As soon as a part is put into inventory, some degree of obsolescence risk is accepted – but this does not mean the risk should be unmanaged.

Strategic Sourcing/Category Management is an approach that best-in-class organizations leverage to buy more effectively and reduce unit costs.

A bill of materials (BOM) is a list of items used to perform maintenance activities. An Asset or Equipment BOM outlines the material associated with that particular asset or set of similar assets.

Managed Services

A well-designed inventory optimization program should be focused on improving inventory mix, ensuring you have what you need to support ongoing operations.

There is a lifecycle to all equipment and assets; they are commissioned, operated and taken out of service.

Performing steps consistently is important, but what if they are consistently wrong? How would you know without reporting?

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Industries We Serve

We proudly offer solutions across a diverse asset-intensive industry base. Our clients love our focused attention on reducing their operating costs while improving asset availability.

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Power Generation

The Electrical Power Generation industry’s number one requirement is to keep our lights on – without service disruptions. Increasing customer demand for power combined with older infrastructure creates the potential for failure. Deregulation has created new competition within the industry, increasing the need to provide power more efficiently and amplify profits that used to be entirely supported in the rate base.
Maintenance inventories are central to achieving both of these objectives. Appropriate stocking levels must be met to ensure maintenance is delivered on time – and – unscheduled problems get resolved in a timely manner.
MRO inventories in Power Generation are massive, and until very recently regarded as a necessity. Xtivity and its Power Generation clients have proved differently – with the right information and focus you can do more with less.

Resource Extraction

Over the past 10 years growth and consolidation has been the focus in the resource business – fueled by robust commodity prices. As the logic follows – those with the most assets would realize the greatest share of the gains in a growth market.
However, in recent years commodity prices have seen a market correction, this, combined with increases in operating costs are putting the continued profitability of sector participants under pressure. The focus is no longer on growth but rather productivity – productive assets and the productive use of finite working capital.
Given the scope and scale of operations the cost of downtime can be measured in the millions per hour– ensuring assets remain reliable and that maintenance schedules are followed is key. Meanwhile, parts inventories that are growing exponentially do not necessarily guarantee availability but certainly creates increased pressure on cashflow.
Our client base in this sector is extensive and the challenge universal – How do we ensure our assets remain productive while minimizing our cash commitments?

Pulp & Paper

No industry has been under such financial pressure as Pulp and Paper producers. Rapid consolidation has brought with it fierce competition – forcing an even greater focus on operating efficiencies and effective cost control.
Every measure must be taken to increase profitability – the effective management of maintenance inventories is no exception. This inventory segment has historically been overlooked, but with increased pressure on working capital and the need to ensure asset reliability paramount; oversight is a luxury the industry can no longer afford. The right parts must be on hand to support continued operations and inventory on hand must directly contribute to this goal.
Dead stock has no place in the modern storeroom – even less so in the paper industry. Our paper products clients have made great strides at reducing dead stock while increasing maintenance part availability for those items that contribute most to continued operations – it’s no surprise they are among the leaders in the industry.


The Transportation world is one of being on time at the lowest cost. This is deceptively simple yet difficult to achieve. It is also simple to understand that vehicles must be service-ready to make money. Maintenance and maintenance inventories (MRO) are a necessary function and significant cost to achieve this end.
Parts must be available in different locations across a continent at any time. Parts have a shelf life and must change as the fleet changes. MRO performance analysis has proven to reduce costs while increasing serviceability. Xtivity’s Transportation clients continue to deliver savings while enjoying inventory visibility and support that they had not experienced before.


The average price of oil continues to fluctuate widely with current projections of $88 USD per barrel by 2025 to over $96 USD by 2030 being revised down to as low as $40 USD / barrel no more than 6 months later. The energy mix continues to evolve – while fossil fuels are anticipated to be our dominant source through 2035 the share of renewables and unconventional fossil fuels such as gas, continue to grow.
As yields from established sources decrease or become increasingly expensive to extract exploration efforts push further and further afield, creating extended supply chains and logistical challenges. These are just some of a long list of challenges our Petrochemical clients are facing.
However, even in this dynamic environment some things have remained unchanged – Upstream or Downstream profitability depends on operating efficiency, perhaps now more than ever. These efficiencies can only be achieved through high level of asset reliability and this requires regular and timely maintenance. Longer Supply Chains, new technology and greater margin pressure has not made things easier but the fundamental objectives remain.
Whether it be provisioning a new site, establishing item stocking priorities or developing ordering values to insulate operations from supply chain volatility or identifying ways to reduce your committed working capital – we are here to help.

Food & Beverage

The world of Grocery, Food and Mass Market Retailing is consolidating – the channel power of the largest plays in this industry growing daily. With that, comes demands for lower product costs, higher listing fees and more co-op funding – all resulting in margin pressure. In response the Food manufacturing industry has undertaken its own mergers in an effort to exploit operating efficiencies and maintain a competitive position in the market place.
Each merger brings with it the promise of “synergies” that magic that makes 1+1 = 3 – however, in the vast majority of instances this promise fails to materialize. Maintenance Inventory Optimization is one area where they can – similar companies in the same industry, making similar products are likely to have similar asset. The need to maintain ongoing operations is paramount – particularly during merger activities where distraction is rife. However, rapidly identifying where inventory pooling opportunities may exist between plant networks and putting in place the mechanics to share inventory can be a very effective way to start posting cash flow savings in the first 90 days.
At Xtivity we can help you identify the potential of this and other opportunities – all while ensuring part availability in support of continued operations.


Constantly evolving products, tight margins and high-quality standards are all part of participating in the Automotive industry. The manufacturing of modern vehicles is becoming increasingly complex, with more and more of the supply chain moving offshore for both direct and indirect inventories. Rapidly changing consumer preferences, driving shorter product life cycles and more fundamental redesigns has not made this easier.
With all of these factors at play in Automotive there is a growing need for inventories to be carefully monitored and structured for increased efficiency and ensure asset reliability.


The world of Pharmaceutical manufacturing is rapidly changing. Gone are the days of “blockbuster” drugs with extended patent protection, to be replaced by an increasingly stringent regulatory environment, fierce generic competition and the emergence of custom drugs – impacting R&D costs, profit margins and manufacturing strategy.
Form as well as function is likely to play a central role in differentiation as businesses look to define competitive advantage in a converging marketplace. This will mean a disparate asset base – likely covering liquids, creams, solid dose, injectable and inhalation products, just to name a few.
As new technologies are added, and existing ones maintained the asset base – and with that the associated parts required for maintenance, will continue to grow. The already challenging task of maintaining an effective parts inventory just got harder.
As with every problem, there is a solution to this one. By leveraging Xtivity’s suite of inventory optimization solutions we will help you ensure your inventory is balanced to support ongoing operations while staying within budgetary constraints.
manufacturing parts for car engine

Discrete Manufacturing

Everywhere there is a production line, there are wrenches and where there are wrenches, an inventory of spare parts (or MRO) is not far behind. Prior to working with Xtivity our industrial customers were seeing the value of their MRO inventories grow exponentially year on year – with little to no compensating improvement in part availability or work order closer rates. Too much of the wrong things is the norm rather than the exception.
At Xtivity we take the time to understand your inventory objectives, analyze the data and provide you with a pragmatic plan for improving your inventory performance.
We are with you every step of the way, providing updated ordering values reflecting the latest changes in supply/demand conditions and highlighting new opportunities you may which to consider along the way.
You work in a dynamic environment – your inventory management solution should be just as dynamic.