MRO Health Check

Your Parts Inventory Optimization Starts Here
Identify opportunities, uncover gaps, improve cashflow and build a solid business case for change.

There’s untapped potential to improve your parts inventory and MRO supply chain – and we can help you quantify it. The MRO Health Check provides a cost-friendly deep analysis of your transactional data and current practices to uncover MRO inventory optimization opportunities, with 3 key deliverables:

  1. A data-driven view and gap analysis on the health of your MRO supply chain
    Features an inventory profile (moving, slow-moving, non-moving), plus lead-time, min/max and replenishment analysis
  2. A detailed business case and recommendations for change, supported by clear data
    Provides an inventory optimization opportunity assessment, as well as fact-based answers to senior management’s questions
  3. A plan for where, how and how much you can improve your MRO supply chain
    Delivers actionable insights across functions, with prioritized recommendations for improvements and their measurable impacts

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How It Works​

Based on up to 5 years of your transactional data, the MRO Health Check provides in-depth analysis to identify where supply chain improvements can be made. Requiring limited time from your team, it is conducted virtually and takes just 3 to 5 weeks depending on available data.


5 Years of your data is run through our Pulse Inventory Optimization Software
Timeline and Outcomes


The custom data model is built and validated

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Deep analysis is conducted to identify opportunities, issues and trends across functions


A written report and business case are generated and findings are presented to your stakeholders

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Key Benefits At-a-Glance

  • Understand how your MRO supply chain is performing and discover ways to improve it
  • Increase reliability, drive operational efficiencies and reallocate working capital
  • Provide fact-based answers to questions on downtime and asset availability
  • Identify how your MRO supply chain can be leveraged for competitive advantage

The MRO Health Check analysis was the important first step in implementing a successful Supply Chain improvement program. It gave us the confidence to execute on the plan. Inventory Control Specialist

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Our Platform

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Proven, cloud-based decision support software for MRO parts inventory management and optimization.

  • Based on prescriptive analytics, ML algorithms, business rules and years of human experience
  • Leverages data from your ERP/EAM to expose issues, trends and insights
  • Optimizes parts replenishment through ordering and lead-time recommendations
  • Provides productivity tools, standard and user-built reporting and KPI visualizations
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The Xtivity Advantage: Rapid Implementation and Time to Value

We achieved lightning-fast ROI with Xtivity. – Inventory Management Specialist

With the ease, speed and low cost of implementation, Xtivity’s quicker-to-value approach can help you fast track your reliability and supply chain transformation initiatives. Leveraging data intelligence from Pulse, you can identify, target and optimize high-value opportunities in your supply chain within weeks.

MRO Health Check FAQs

Inventory performance is impacted by operating processes, policies and behaviors spanning across many functions. To make sustained improvements, cross-functional stakeholders need to be aligned to a plan. We conduct a detailed analysis, the MRO Health Check, at the outset of every engagement, to provide not only an indication of where challenges may lie but also a plan quantifying the benefits to be realized through focused cross-functional improvement.

We run 3-5 years of your transactional data through our Pulse Inventory Optimization Software, conducting deep analysis to identify opportunities, issues and trends. We then provide you with a clear, written analysis and recommendations for change, supported by the data needed to drive your business case.

The MRO Health Check is conducted virtually and requires limited client time. However, during the program, it is inevitable that there will be some demand on your time, be it for incremental data, insight or business process changes. By establishing the parameters at the outset, subsequent discussions and negotiations can be minimized.

The key deliverables/insights provided via the MRO Health Check include:

  1. Inventory Profile (moving, slow-moving, non-moving)

  2. Lead-time Analysis

  3. Min/Max Analysis

  4. Replenishment Analysis

  5. Detailed Business Case

  6. Prioritized Plan with Actionable Insights

In addition to the above deliverables, our clients see measurable improvements in their supply chain resilience, asset reliability, operational efficiency and cashflow.

Over what is typically a 3 to 5 week process, the Xtivity team validates, constructs an inventory model and performs detailed analysis on your transactional data to develop a summary presentation. Please note that the elapsed time is dependent on data availability and quality.

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The primary data driving MRO inventory lives in your ERP or EAM system. Whether you use SAP, IBM Maximo, JDE, MS Dynamics or other systems, Xtivity’s Pulse platform leverages that transactional data, and more, to deliver optimized parts management and expose valuable insights.

Fitting easily into most budgets, there are two Health Check options, Standard and Premium:


We dig deep into your MRO inventory. We analyze your inventory profile, opportunities for order value changes, identify new addition rates, highlight potential obsolescence, etc. We also identify outcomes, such as cashflow relief by decreasing excess inventory, increasing inventory to meet service levels, reducing purchasing workload and much more.

What does the Standard MRO Health Check include?

Inventory Management

  • Inventory profile (#/% moving, slow-moving & non-moving)

  • Percent of items with recommended ordering value changes

  • Rate at which new items are being added

  • Potential obsolescence highlighted

  • The associated business impact of acting on the above recommendations and a timeline for achieving benefits. Examples would include:

o Areas to increase inventory holdings

o Areas to reduce excess inventory

o Overall expected net change in holdings and free cashflow

o Change in expected purchasing workload

Direct Charge Analysis

  • Direct “free text” vs. catalogued items

  • PO lines by purchasing category/associated to a work order

Master Data Management

  • State of master data and opportunities for cleansing, enrichment & physical walkdown

  • Catalogue duplication

PREMIUM MRO HEALTH CHECK: Contact us to request a quote

The Premium Health Check includes all of the above, plus we can analyze your bill of materials for opportunities to enhance or construct new BOMs. We can dig into your master data for opportunities to improve governance, structure or to cleanse/enrich. We can also work with Procurement to conduct spend analysis, analyze opportunities for on-demand or consignment stock changes, and more.

What does the Premium MRO Health Check include?

Everything in the Standard Health Check, plus your additional requirements, such as:


  • Identify potential consignment opportunities

  • Spend analysis

  • Assess supplier performance

  • Open PO aging/overdue analysis

  • Identify potential changes to lead time based on historical receipts

  • Identify potential on-demand candidates

Maintenance & Reliability

  • Work order analysis by type

  • Work order backlog aging analysis

  • Work order schedule adherence

  • Asset bill of materials enhancement opportunities

Stores & Warehouse

  • Cycle count adjustment analysis

  • Issues by item frequency

  • Item velocity analysis