MRO Health Check

What is it?

Our MRO Health Check is a cost-effective way to establish the strength of your supporting supply chain, identifying priority areas for improvement and the associated value.

Supply Chain functions are typically stretch with all available resources focused on delivering the day to day requirements of the business. They have neither the time, resources or tools required to conduct the comprehensive analysis required to set meaningful improvement priorities or build the case for change.

Using a combination of our expertise and analytical tools we are able to augment your supply chain resources, rapidly developing a pragmatic improvement plan supported by the analytics and business case required to gain senior management support.

We start with a structured data request, pulling 3-6 years of transactional data to develop an initial view of supply chain operations and focus areas.

This is followed by an onsite component where our SMEs work with the client team to review processes and validate findings from data analysis.

The process culminates in the development of a comprehensive improvement “route map” sequenced to reflect resource constraints and dependencies that can be used to inform subsequent activity.

  • Fact based insight into the relative “Health” of your supply chain – focus areas for improvement
  • Detailed Business Case for change supported by resourcing plans and initiative charters
  • Comprehensive Improvement Route Map setting priorities for the next 2-3 years

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