MRO Health Check

What is it?

Our MRO Health Check is a data-driven engagement to identify opportunities, uncover gaps and help you build a business case to improve your MRO supply chain functions.

Many asset intensive companies are troubled by the fact that they “know” their MRO supply chain should be improved. Yet, they may not have the time or resources to analyze the data and fully explore the issues. Or to build a business case for change that will measurably improve reliability, reallocate working capital and create operational efficiencies – and feel confident they can build a project around it.

What they need is an in-depth analysis using their data, to identify where improvements can be made, in what priority order, and what measurable impacts these will generate.

Xtivity delivers this through our MRO Health Check.

We do it by running 3-6 years of your transactional data through our Pulse Inventory Optimization Software, conducting deep analysis to identify opportunities, issues and trends. And we then provide you a clear written analysis and recommendations for change, supported by the data needed to drive your business case.

Standard Health Check will dig deep into your MRO inventory.  We analyze inventory profile, opportunities for order value changes, identify new addition rates, highlight potential obsolescence, etc..  And we will identify outcomes such as cash flow relief from decreasing excess inventory, increasing inventory to meet service levels, reduction of purchasing workload and much more.

Our Premium Health Check can analyze your Bill of Materials for opportunities to enhance or construct new BOMs;  we can dig into your Master Data for opportunities to improve governance, structure or to cleanse/enrich;  we work with Procurement to conduct spend analysis, analyze opportunities for On Demand or Consignment stock changes;  Etc.

We typically do all of this within ~4-6 weeks’ of elapsed time, with limited demand on your team, and all conducted virtually. 

This all culminates in a detailed written Report plus an Executive Presentation of findings and recommendations.

And it’s more affordable than you might imagine!

  • Data driven insights and gap analysis on the “Health” of your MRO supply chain
  • Detailed Business Case and recommendations for change, supported by clear data
  • A plan for where, how and how much you can improve your MRO Supply Chain
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