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Founded in 2006; headquartered in London, Ontario with regional support in the United States and India. A global professional services firm that is guided by the following characteristics:

Reliability Centered:

Connecting MRO decisions to equipment performance throughout the MRO and Asset Management Lifecycle.

Service Based:

Flexible service models focused on minimizing committed Working Capital while maximizing Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE).


An approach linking our services/solutions to operational performance across both asset and inventory lifecycle phases.

Focused on delivering tangible results

  • Improved Asset Availability
  • Effectively Manage Committed Working Captial
  • Reduced Operating Costs
  • Improved Operating Effectiveness

Know your MRO

See how we help connect MRO Decision Support to Equipment Performance

“The MRO Health Check process was an important first step in implementing a successful MRO improvement program. The process provided us the opportunity to get everybody at the site involved. The working sessions were really productive, allowing the Xtivity team to better understand the issues and onsite challenges while validating the data and current practices. Their recommendations of custom solutions gave us confidence in executing the implementation plan.”
Inventory Control Specialist, Glencore

Companies that have trusted Xtivity include:

Partners Network

At Xtivity, we strive to be the best at what we do. This requires focus. However, there are times where client requirements go beyond our capabilities and that’s where our partner network comes in. We maintain a strong network of global partners to ensure needs are met and comprehensive programs can be delivered in a seamless manner.


Allied Reliability Inc.

Allied offers best-in-industry maintenance, reliability, and operational consulting and services, training,and staffing servicing the industrial and manufacturing sector.


Enventure deliver best in-class Plant Engineering, Electronic Product Design, Mechanical Product Design, Environmental Compliance, Component Engineering and related engineering services to Clients across the globe.


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Xtivity’s core asset is a group of dedicated individuals who are focused on helping our clients achieve the best results possible. Our employees come from a diverse set of backgrounds that have been pooled together to create a team that continuously strives to enhance their knowledge, the products and solutions for their clients and drive home bottom line results.
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