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All asset-intensive industries rely on a fully-optimized MRO supply chain strategy to succeed. The implementation of a robust spare parts inventory management system is fundamental to that optimization, and also essential to ensure your company’s long term success. By understanding, managing and supporting the interconnected nature of your company’s assets and parts ecosystem, driving efficiencies and cost savings is more than a possibility – it becomes a reality. Xtivity can help you get there.

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Spare Parts Inventory Management Software


A well-designed inventory management program should be focused on improving inventory mix and ensuring you have what you need to support ongoing operations. But allocating finite working capital to ensure the right part is in the right place at the right time is always a challenge.

This is where an effective parts inventory optimization system comes into play. And the baseline for a robust solution is provided through Xtivity’s MRO Inventory Optimization Solution.

Xtivity’s MRO Inventory Optimization Solution

Delivering Cost Savings and Reducing Downtime

The MRO Inventory Optimization Solution connects your Supply Chain, Finance and Maintenance & Reliability teams so they can better manage inventory, doing it in the smartest way possible.

This is enabled by two key elements: 

  1. Xtivity’s Pulse inventory management software
  2. Xtivity’s Managed Service-providing subject matter expertise aimed at helping you set realistic targets and focus action where it matters most during monthly reviews

Pulse is Xtivity’s cloud-based, prescriptive analytics software that powers the MRO Inventory Optimization Solution, delivering:

  • Optimized parts inventory replenishment decisions (including quantities, lead times, etc)
  • Insight into ongoing performance through reports, query tools and performance dashboards
  • Consolidated data from any ERP/EAM, including SAP, IBM Maximo, JDE and Microsoft Dynamics – integrating multiple data sources, if required
  • And much more
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Xtivity’s Managed Service is a high-value, high-touch service delivered by Xtivity’s inventory experts, to augment the power of Pulse. Your MRO inventory optimization journey will go through stages of maturity and self-sufficiency, and Xtivity will be there to help you at every step. While Pulse will provide you with valuable tools to run on your own, available on the cloud, Xtivity’s Managed Service adds critical services to help. In addition to work we regularly do in the backend to ensure your data is clean and well structured for use by Pulse, we also conduct a regular (usually monthly) working session with your key users and stakeholders to augment and guide you toward success. This helps your organization focus its time on what matters most. This includes:
  • Analyzing and understanding optimized recommendations
  • Prioritization of high value parts and related activities
  • Identifying trends and insights
  • Tracking success criteria through scorecards and business intelligence reporting
For Xtivity’s MRO Inventory Optimization Solution, the combination of Pulse + Managed Service leads to greater client success.This is where an effective parts inventory optimization system comes into play. And the baseline for a robust solution is provided through Xtivity’s MRO Inventory Optimization Solution.

What is MRO Inventory Optimization?

All too often key ordering values such as Mins / Max and lead times for inventory items are set during system implementations and never revisited. We work in a dynamic environment with variables such as vendor performance, equipment base, maintenance plans, transportation modes, and internal processes changing constantly. Given this variability how accurate do you think ordering values set 5-7 years ago will be today?

The answer is not very accurate – upon review of our client’s data, we typically find over 90% of ordering values are no longer representative leaving operations exposed to both stock-out and obsolescence risk.

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What are the Benefits of MRO Optimization?

Working directly with our clients, we ensure that input data is reflective of the most recent changes in supply or consumption patterns, ensuring that they can meet service level and availability targets.

Using collaborative tools and processes that support and enhance data integration, data analysis, optimized recommendations, parts review/approval and upload back to your ERP/EAM, we make the process as seamless as possible. In this way, our clients can focus their time and efforts where it is needed most.

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Just some of the benefits include: 

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What Other Benefits Can Be Gained Through MRO Inventory Optimization?

Working in a dynamic environment means that variables change all the time. This means you need an intelligent inventory tracking and spare parts management / replenishment solution that considers changes as they happen.

Don’t let inaccurate Min/Max values and lead times lead to a poor parts replenishment, inventory inaccuracies or a weak inventory mix. Instead, improve your overall business strategy and help your maintenance department avoid costly downstream issues using our inventory management best practices and software solutions.

By getting a better handle on your spare parts management and inventory control system can help your organization avoid issues related to:

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And let’s not forget that every organization has access to a veritable treasure trove of historical parts data in their ERP such as SAP, Maximo, Oracle, JDE, Microsoft Dynamics. Any inventory management system that is not using that information to inform optimized parts ordering is leaving money on the table
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Keep Your Ordering Values Up-To-Date

How accurate do you think your ordering values are if they were set two to three years ago? Does your maintenance team have all they need to fulfill work orders? Is your spare parts inventory list still accurate today?

The unfortunate answer is that for the most part, spare parts inventory lists are not very accurate. In fact, Xtivity clients report that more than 90% of ordering values are incorrect, leaving operations exposed to stock-out and obsolescence risk. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

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The Value of Using Xtivity’s MRO Inventory Optimization Solution

A good MRO inventory optimization solution can help you:

About Xtivity’s MRO Inventory Optimization Solution

Powered by Pulse, our cloud-based prescriptive analytics software, the MRO Inventory Optimization Solution, can dramatically improve your parts ordering process and actions, while reducing costs.
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Parts Inventory Management …and Beyond

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While inventory management is both complex and fundamental to a successful MRO Supply Chain strategy, a winning formula involves a number of other areas as well.

Xtivity can help you improve inventory control and take your system to the next level by delving into the additional areas of the supply chain that contribute strongly to MRO parts inventory success, including:

And Xtivity doesn’t stop there.

Xtivity helps clients with strategies, best practices, execution and success tracking in these other critical areas of the MRO Supply Chain:

Asset Management

Procurement Management

Supply Chain Governance

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