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Xtivity and Vueterra Partner to Wage War on Excess Spare Parts Stock

London, Ontario, Canada, June 30th, 2020: Xtivity Inc. is pleased to announce that Vueterra has teamed up with Xtivity as a commercial partner to deliver Xtivity’s suite of MRO Inventory Optimization solutions for the Australasia region.

“Working with Vueterra in Australia has allowed us to deepen our engagement with clients” said John Trus, Head of Global Sales and Marketing at Xtivity Inc.  “With their intense focus on client time-to-value, strong expertise in inventory management, and domain knowledge in key industries, we are delighted to formally announce them as a partner”

The combination of Xtivity and Vueterra will drive additional value to clients in asset intensive industries, with the clarity and direction needed to effectively manage working capital and improve asset availability while reducing operating costs.

“Leveraging the Xtivity philosophy based on rapid deployment of value-add software has never been more critical,” said Jeff Warren, Director of Vueterra. “We believe that Xtivity’s approach of providing guidance to clients through a managed service, underpinned by proven SaaS software is what the market needs. And ensuring asset availability by using the supply chain as a strategic mechanism has never been more critical.”


For more than 15 years, Xtivity, based in London, Ontario, Canada, has provided solutions for the MRO parts inventory supply chain, focused on asset intensive industries.  Our solutions impact reliability, drive improved financial returns, and address underlying data and governance needs in your parts inventory. 


Since 2016, Vueterra has used their industry experience across a wide array of heavy industries including manufacturing, mining, freight and utilities, to deliver agile inventory management solutions that drive bottom-line results by closing the gaps in the supply chain.

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