Supply Chain Performance Tracking

What is it?

ERP / EAM solutions are great for transactional processes – ensuring each step is consistently executed. They generate a tremendous wealth of data which can be interrogated to provide insight into operational process performance or to identify improvement opportunities. However, this is also typically where they fall down, reporting being cumbersome at best, absent at worst.

Performing steps consistently is important, but what if they are consistently wrong? How would you know without reporting? This is true across our business and as such, equally so for your MRO Supply Chain. To fill this void, we have developed and deploy customizable dashboards reflecting KPIs and reports designed to provide you with the comfort that things are performing as expected and if not, where to focus corrective action.

As managers accountable for functional performance, can you live with not knowing? Universally the answer is “No”. As a result, the question is typically more of how this gap can be filled rather than whether it should be addressed.

Our solution is validated to represent your data – representing a data warehouse that can be interrogated and reported against without the risk of compromising your transactional system or tying up specialized IT resources to develop custom reports.

Our reporting environment is intuitive and customizable to meet the specific needs of each user with many user defined reports. We are architected at the lowest level of the data, meaning users can “drill down” from even the most aggregate reports to perform root cause analysis or interrogate item level performance.

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